Refer a friend and save $$

Refer a friend and save $$

Mon, 25th Jan 2016

We're offering anyone who provides us with a successful referral, either 2 years free hosting or, a 12 month Genesis Subscription (that's a saving of up $600).

Simply ask your contact to mention your name when they approach us, and if the project proceeds we will contact you to discuss whether you'd like 2 years free hosting, or, a 12 month Genesis Subscription. The hosting option saves you about $500 over the two-year period while the Genesis Subscription will save you up to $600 over the 12 months.

Now, if you aren't familiar with Genesis, Genesis is our perpetual web development platform. To be eligible for a Genesis Subscription (which includes hosting and a host of other benefits) you need to have a Genesis website. If you don't have a Genesis website but are curious and would like to learn more, please click here, or contact us to discuss a quotation.

If you manage to provide is with multiple referrals within a 12 month period, we will, of course, come to an arrangement with you regarding additional service benefits.


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