Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing

Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing

Mon, 25th Jan 2016

Google and Facebooks marketing tools can be incredibly confusing for the uninitiated. While Adwords and Facebooks 'boost post' services have proven to be highly effective, they can also be very expensive disasters if setup incorrectly. We often have clients tell us that they gave up on Adwords and Facebook advertising because they 'never got anything out of it'.

The difference between success and failure in this sphere can be as simple as ticking the wrong box, or selecting a dud interest group. Also, you need to be prepared to experiment with different options, take 'small bites of the pie' so to speak, to work out what is most effective for your business. However, all of this is completely useless if you can't record and track the results. Good reporting tools are the key to better decision making.

We can help you put all the pieces of this puzzle together, so contact us before starting your next campaign. 

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